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Russian Rose Oil


Russian Rose Oil


Russian Rose Oil oil comes in .08 oz size and 1/4 oz size bottles.


Put Some Pink Prana in your Aura with Rose Oil

I like to take a clear quartz crystal or pink quartz and put a drop of rose oil on it and hold it in my receiving hand.

This will flood your chakras and aura with pink energy.
Master Choa Kok Sui used to always have a bottle of rose oil in his oil stash.

When used you will literally see the world through rose-colored glasses because the rose oil will turn your aura pink.

Rose oil helps relax and expand the heart energy center, thus helping to attract people to you. People will be attracted to all the pink prana that will be emitting from you.

The secret of all the love oils and potions is that they contain abundant amounts of pink light.

Here are a few ways to enjoy the power of rose oil.

· Dab a drop of rose oil on the solar plexus energy to instantly increase the size of the heart chakra.

· Add some pink energy to business by using rose oil before big meetings, relieves stress in a room also.

· Use for relationship healing, forgiving others, dissolves anger with pink energy.

Enhance the loving, energetic cords between you and your desired partner?

You’ll love our Rose Oil, I can tell you it’s definitely one of my favorites, so I carry it everywhere I go.

Feel the stress melt away by rubbing a few drops soothingly between my thumb and forefinger.


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