Garnet Prosperity Power Ring for Women


Garnet Prosperity Power Ring for Women


Garnet Prosperity Power Ring for Women in Sterling Silver, 10K Yellow Gold & 18K Yellow Gold

Gemstones help harden the aura, helping you have a clear mind and protected.

The red garnet activates the basic chakra, which helps root you to Mother Earth and absorb prosperity energy.

This helps bring in more abundance and prosperity to your life.

Great for business people and executives, as well as anyone wanting to have more prosperity energy.

Gemstones and crystals can hold tremendous energy, when powerful energies are stored into gemstones the power can be accessed instantly by touching them.

Power Rings have been used by kings, queens and Popes to amplify their power.

That's why rings of power are passed from person to person.

The energy is tremendous and instantly makes the chakras and aura of the wearer bigger.

This is another reason why people want to kiss the ring of the Pope.

Gemstones in rings and pendants can be consecrated and energized to greatly magnify their powers.

Prosperity rings with garnet help root you to mother earth, allowing more prosperity.

Stone Size

Sterling Silver - 10x8mm

10K Yellow - 8x6mm

18K Yellow - 8 x 6 mm

Product Code

Sterling Silver - 70534:307825:P

10K Yellow Gold - 70534:72865:P

18k Yellow Gold - 70534:72866:P:18KY

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