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Kriyashakti Activator


Kriyashakti Activator


Kriyashakti Activator

Use these powerful crystals to energize your kriyaskaktis, projects, and goals.

86 grams

Simply put the crystals on top of your written goals, and it gets constantly energized with prosperity energy.

Place your Kriyashakti Activator on top of the paper and program your it to continually and properly expand the prosperity and concretizing energy toward your written projects.

Charge your Kriyashakti Activator every day.  

"God, all the Prosperity Angels, please energize this crystal with prosperity energy, then tell the crystal to constantly absorb the prosperity energy, and to energize your project with prosperity energy constantly, thank you."

Keep the on the top of your written Kriya projects until they are materialized.

The  Kriyashakti Activator focuses the prosperity energy continuously energizing  your projects. 

Use the Kriyashakti Activator at your office desk or business to regularly expand your business.

Scan or feel the success energy of your goals before and after using the Kriyashakti Activator. 

Can be used for a few minutes, or used 24/7 to energize an entire business or large project.

Kriyashakti Activator

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