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Money Oil

Money Oil

Money Oil



Money Oil 

Money oil contains lots of gold and red prana, as well as Divine Blessings that help  purify negative thought forms and blockages in your basic chakra and finances.

 Money oil roots you down into the earth, the basic chakra gets larger and denser.

Use any time you feel spacey or after after meditation.

Try scanning the size of your basic chakra and sole chakras, then apply 4 drops of money oil on the bottom of the feet, Scan again you will definitely see an increase in your sole chakras and basic chakra.

Use Money oil to help disintegrate negative thought forms like poverty thoughts, excessive spending, and increase the prosperity energy, apply a drop on the front door of home and business, mailbox, kriyashakti's, purses,  wallets, and more...

Scan the prosperity prana of your wallet, and also any worry, excessive spending, poverty thought forms,  then apply 1 drop of Money oil on your wallet, then scan again, you will have to zoom out to scan, you will notice less negative thought forms and the prosperity prana of the wallet is more dense and expanded.

  • Rapidly expand the basic chakra by rubbing a few drops on the heels of your feet.
  • Use in spray and bath to Disintegrate negative energies, and calm people at home, work and while traveling.

Diffuse Money oil around the office to help calm and cleanse workers, and disintegrate the massive buildup of stressful energies.

Add to water or alcohol and spray on beds, at home, and especially in hotels, because it can help disintegrate contamination and congestion of energies in an office or business.

Put a few drop into air vents to naturally help disintegrate stress energies in the room.

 Do a Prayer along with the use of Money Oil- "To God, Healing Angels, Angels of prosperity please thank you for disintegrating any poverty consciousness or poverty thought forms within my system, Lord God please disintegrate any blockages in my basic chakra and finances, please bless me with financial healing, and with tremendous material and financial abundance, and lots of prosperity energy, please highly activating my basic chakra, with thanks, and in full faith"



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