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Essential Oils for Purifying Crystals

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Essential Oils for Purifying Crystals

When healing crystals become contaminated, their energy flow is greatly reduced and can cause them to break. They break so that the contamination can be released.

I hear many stories of healers “accidentally” breaking the tips or dropping their crystals causing them to break.

I have been using essential oils to help keep our crystals clean and help minimize contamination for many years.  You can tell a big difference when using oils on crystals: the crystals become very shiny and vibrant.

I usually cleanse my crystal under running water after spraying and use lavender with salt.  This process quickly carries away the contamination. I started cleansing my laser crystals after helping Master Choa Kok Sui clean his healing crystal several times.

Once he did a mass healing on the entire class of 250 people using his gold rod laser crystal, and then handed it to me and asked me to clean it. 

I was rinsing the crystal in the sink and rubbing it with fine salt, and Master asked me if I though it was clean, I said no.

Master Choa then took the crystal in his hand and projected a powerful current through the crystal, then handed it back to me and said- "How is it now".

The crystal was super cleansed and energized.

Master Choa Kok Sui recommended to use lavender oil on the hands to help activate the hand energy centers. This oil adds violet energy to the healing treatment and removes contamination with every sweep.


 Take a crystal and feel it for energy.  Then put a drop of blessed oil on it and feel again. Next, rinse the crystal under running water.

Now scan of feel the energy of the crystal again....any difference?

Lavender oil, like most essential oils, can be used pure on healing crystals or sprayed with an alcohol mixture during psychotherapy sessions.

Recipes for Spraying by Energy Color

When using essential oils on the crystals, the crystals become affected by the colored energies of the oils being used. To tinge your crystal with colored energy, essential oils can be applied.

Green energy: Add 15 drops of tea tree oil and 20 drops of sandalwood oil to four ounces of vodka or water.

Orange energy: Add ten drops of eucalyptus oil and ten drops of frankincense oil to four ounces of vodka or water.

Pink energy:  Add ten drops of rose oil to four ounces of vodka or water. This can be used on a crystal when healing children or the elderly with pink energy.  Pink energy also supports treatment with energetic psychotherapy for anger and resentment.

Red energy: Add 15 drops of rosemary oil and 15 drops of patchouli oil to four ounces of vodka or water.

Blue energy: Add four drops of chamomile oil on the crystal while healing.

Violet energy:  Add 20 drops of lavender oil and 20 drops of ylang ylang into four ounces of vodka or water.

In addition, you can soak the crystal in water and salt with lavender oil in it. Place the bowl in front of a speaker playing the Grand Master Choa Kok Sui Om CD.

Learn more here to Get the OM CD on Amazon, and see the books of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

When cleaning a crystal with a gold rod in it, you can spray alcohol with lavender oil, or put the lavender oil directly on the crystal.  Do not apply essential oils directly to the gold.   

Let the oil sit a few minutes on the crystal, and then rinse in water. Place the cleansed crystal in front of a speaker playing the Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s Om CD for a few hours.

Essential oils can be used on rings, pendants, and crystals that are worn on the body. Crystals that are worn on the body can become dirty rapidly. They absorb dirty or stressed energy from the wearer or the environment. Sometimes they absorb psychic attacks directed toward the wearer.

Crystals that are worn on the body should be sprayed every day, even several times a day, especially if worn during healings or stressful events or after being in contaminated places.

Use three drops of lavender oil, rose oil, or sandalwood oil on clear quartz, pink quartz, or amethyst.  If the oil that is used is consecrated, it will quickly clean and add energy to the crystal.

Use rosemary or patchouli oil, or Prosperity Oil on garnets or rubies to help add more red energy to them.

Use frankincense or eucalyptus oil on orange stones like citrine.

The Happy Spray contains a lot of green, violet, brilliant electric violet, and pink energies.  It works well on rings, pendants, and healing crystals.  It can be used during and after healing sessions.

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