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Happy Oil Will Make You Smile

Posted by Vijay Parihar on

Happy Oil Will Make You Smile

Happy Oil Will Make You Smile
Happy oil comes in .08 oz size and 1/4 oz size bottles.

Happy oil contains no base oils, so its potency is supreme.

Happy oil helps disintegrate negative thought forms.

We have been producing and using the Happy oil for many years.

Its fragrance is gentle and powerful at the same time.

This oil can be used to deeply purify the energy centers and energy
information field. It can also help patch up the aura and chakras.

Anytime my emotional body starts to wobble I reach for Happy oil
to help disintegrate the negative thought forms.

Anytime I have thoughts I don’t like, or feel anger coming on I quickly dab myself with Happy Oil.

I use it before going to bed to help unwind and decongest the solar plexus.

*If someone close to you is stressed out, you can give a drop or two to him or her for calming effects.

Use 3 drops in your bath to help cleanse and energize the chakras and aura.

Use a drop on the heart chakra to quickly expand it so you can radiate more love.

Use on crystals or to help cleanse contamination absorbed by the crystal. It purifies rapidly.

Use on jewelry such as rings and pendants to help them to radiate energy.

Use Happy Oil in your home or office, to help disintegrate negative thought forms from previous tenants. diffuse in rooms after arguments or stressful situations.

A healer may apply a few drop to their hands after healings to minimize contamination.

It effectively dissolves negative energy connections on anyone, including children.

Use Happy Oil to help heal relationships.
Makes a great gift.

Whenever I get stressed, I use a drop on my solar plexus energy center. The oil quickly decontaminates the energy centers and energy information field.

Happy Oil contains many colored energies and lots of strong, purifying energy.

With love and blessings,
Rocky Patel


Happy Day
Rocky Patel

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