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EO Class 28: You're Ready to Use Oils––Here's How to Get Started

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EO Class 28: You're Ready to Use Oils––Here's How to Get Started

If you are not yet a member, now might be a perfect time!

Becoming a member of Young Living is quite straightforward. There are 2 types of membership



  • You just purchase your products straight from Young Living at retail prices, order via your own portal and they are shipped directly to you. No discounts or rewards apply. A simple account set-up on Young Living's website is required.


  • With this membership, you purchase at wholesale, which is 24% off retail pricing (sort of like a Costco membership). You have no monthly minimums or other tough rules, but you will have to purchase at least 50 PV (roughly $50) a year in products for your membership to remain active. This membership offers you the ability to earn the rewards products and an opportunity to earn a few bucks if you share Young Living with others. But you never have to share or sell for you to be a wholesale member! 

You will have to pick a starter kit to become a member. I highly recommend you start with one of the Premium Starter Kits, as they are the perfect way to begin your experience with essential oils. I'm willing to bet they are going to open your eyes to their wellness potential.

It's truly one of the nicest, cost-saving health gifts you could ever give yourself.

This concludes your intro to essential oil class. I hope you feel that you have learned a few things and if you have not yet started using Young Living's Therapeutic-Grade essential oils I encourage you to do so and decide for yourself. There are plenty of benefits that we are not allowed to speak of, but you are always welcome to experience them yourself!

I would love to have your feedback on this class. Do you feel you now have a lot more useful knowledge of essential oils? I would just love to hear from you. Just reply to this email and we could even set up a time to chat.

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Disclaimer Notice: This information is intended for educational purposes only, and is not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition.


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