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Pranic Lifestyle for Meditation

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Pranic Lifestyle for Meditation

Aromatherapy can be a potent tool to deepen and
enhance the meditation experience. Throughout history,
spiritual adepts have used plant oils to help raise their
vibrations and help them prepare for their spiritual
Essential oils help the energy centers decontaminate and
help to purify rampant thought forms in the energy
information field, as it can sometimes be a battle to quiet
the mind to experience stillness.
Sandalwood oil has been used for thousands of years for
its spiritual effects. Sandalwood oil on the ajna, chest, or
under the nostrils is great for preparing for meditation.
It is recommended to use spikenard oil to help purify the
energy information field and energy centers.
If you apply spikenard oil on the feet before meditation, the
effect will be fantastic. When the feet are energetically
clean, you will be able to move easily in the inner world.
Lavender oil can be used on the front and back solar
plexus, ajna, and meng mein energy centers to
energetically purify and prepare for meditation.
Recipes for Before Meditating
Take a bath with five drops of frankincense oil and seven
drops of myrrh oil. Then use two drops of blue
chamomile on the solar plexus to rapidly shrink the solar
plexus energy centers and help open the forehead energy
The use of one drop of pranic lifestyle.com
Pranic Lifestyle's Clairvoyance Oil on the forehead
energy center will help expand the consciousness.
The use of salt scrub with eucalyptus oil in it provides a
very quick way to help purify the feet. I flew higher than
ever directly after doing this. This experience was one of
the most exciting expansions I have ever had in the inner
A relaxing bath with two pounds of salt, five drops of
lavender oil, and five drops of tea tree oil will help purify
the energy information field and quiet the mind. It will
help you to reach stillness.
A relaxing salt scrub with sage oil or ylang ylang oil is
also purifying. Be sure to scrub the front and back solar
several times while in the shower.
Use our Feels Good Liquid Soap to quickly de-stress the
physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.
 Use two drops rose oil on the ajna and front and back solar
plexus helps to relax the mind to meditate deeper.
Purification Oil Blend
 Add the following oils to one ounce of your favorite
carrier oil: ten drops of lavender oil, ten drops of tea tree
oil, and ten drops of ylang ylang. Use this Purification
Blend on the energy centers.
It’s crucial to cut all negative connections connected to
the energy centers, internal organs, and the sides of the
body. One way to do this is to add 30 drops of lavender
oil to four ounces of vodka and spray.
Or you can use the Ananda Spray to quickly spray the
energy centers sideways to help disintegrate negative
connections and to help purify the energy centers.
The energy centers and energy information field expand
greatly after using these techniques.





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