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Pranic Crystal Sessions


Pranic Crystal Sessions

What’s a Crystal Healing Session?


Do you have stress-energy in your cells and chakras?

Did you know that stress chakras and the cells of your body can affect your physical and emotional well being?

Try scanning for stress-energy in the cells of your body, and in your chakras.

I can help remove deep-seated stress energy that is stored in your cells and chakras.

Did you know that every negative thought you ever had is stored in your memories, chakras and the cells of your body?

Try scanning for anger or fear in the cells of your body.

I can help remove these deep-seated negative emotions that are stored in your cells get using very special techniques that purify down to a cellular level.

Or just receive a maintenance healing to feel better, I will deeply help cut all unauthorized energy links between you and people who might be draining your energy.

All I need is a picture of you or the project that needs to able cleansed and blessed.

I use very special laser crystals during the healing sessions, helping to get rid of anger, addictions and negative, thought-forms.

I will come to you where ever you are at using long-distance energy sessions.

You may need healing for mental/emotional difficulties such as anxiety, fear, stress, phobia, addiction, or mental illness.  

I use a special crystal which use is taught in a special Pranic Crystal Healing class.  

The crystal more powerfully and efficiently removes the congested, blocked energy and also energizes faster and more powerfully. So I will be waving that around too!

The session is done by tuning into your energy and doing energy healing on you wherever you may be. 

My specialty is stress and anxiety relief, utilizing the ancient techniques as well as the latest scientific research. 

During energy healing session a lot of "emotional garbage" accumulated over many years will be released by the client, producing the amazing effect of rejuvenation, deep peace and relaxation. 

This is your chance to treat yourself to this energy hygiene delight and receive a complete energetic shower. 

Purify yourself, flush old, dirty and used-up prana, remove old trends, cut negative connections that drain your energy, clean your aura, receive chakra cleansing and balancing. Then indulge yourself in the waterfall of fresh and revitalizing energy.

Book a session, now I recommend starting with the 4 Session Package for best results, click on the button below now, so I can get started working with you today.

We usually ship in 24 hours.

10 days easy returns if defective. Just call us at +1 Call 816-834-9033

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Pranic Crystal Sessions
Rocky did regular healing sessions on me during a very stressful time in my life. The crystal healing sessions helped me get through it with a clear mind.

Amethyst Power Ring
Nice amethyst! Great quality, beautiful color and clarity. Very nice workmanship. Thank you, Rocky


Golden Crystals
Yes, I got it, and it is beautiful

Ricky Williams