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Pranic Crystal Sessions


Pranic Crystal Sessions

My clients who receive ongoing maintenance healing packages have the best results. Soon I will publish the many testimonials of my energy healing sessions.

Get worked on 6 times a week.

I have a special 4-week healing packages, as well as 12 weeks.

Cleansing and energizing of the chakras.

Negative cord cutting

Removal of dirty and diseased etheric energy, negative thought forms, emotions, elementals, fear, stress.

Emotional-stress, fear, anger, and more..

mental- clear mental congestion, and negative thought entities.

Cleansing and energizing of the Etheric and spiritual bodies.

Be cleaned with green-violet-electric violet light.

Greenish- bluish violet, pink light.

Powerful Divine Healing

Shielding and reenergizing and maintaining chakral shields on the crown, ajna, throat, solar, sex, and basic chakras.

Etheric Body fit shield when necessary.

You will experience the amazing effect of rejuvenation, deep peace, and relaxation as emotional garbage accumulated over many years will be released from your body.

Cut all unauthorized energy links between you and people who might be draining your energy.

I recommend starting with the 4 Session Package for best results. All I need from you is a picture of yourself or the project that needs to be cleansed and blessed.

The 12 Week Program also includes generational healing.

Single sessions also available.

Here is a summary

- Ongoing maintenance healing packages offer the best results for clients.
- Testimonials of energy healing sessions will be published soon.
- Special 4-week and 12-week healing packages available.
- Cleansing and energizing of the chakras.
- Negative cord cutting and removal of negative energies.
- Addressing emotional stress, fear, anger, and more.
- Clearing mental congestion and negative thought entities.
- Cleansing and energizing of the etheric and spiritual bodies.
- Utilizing green-violet-electric violet, golden, greenish-bluish violet, and pink light.
- Powerful divine healing experience.
- Shielding and reenergizing of chakral shields.
- Experience rejuvenation, deep peace, and relaxation.
- Cut unauthorized energy links that drain your energy.
- Recommended to start with the 4 Session Package.
- Picture required for cleansing and blessings.
- 12 Week Program includes generational healing, and Etheric Body fit shield as needed.
- Single sessions also available.
12 Week Tranformation package is all the above, with double sessions each week. Which is basically twice as much cleanisng and energizing.

We usually ship in 24 hours.

10 days easy returns if defective. Just call us at +1 Call 816-834-9033

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Pranic Crystal Sessions
Rocky did regular healing sessions on me during a very stressful time in my life. The crystal healing sessions helped me get through it with a clear mind.

Amethyst Power Ring
Nice amethyst! Great quality, beautiful color and clarity. Very nice workmanship. Thank you, Rocky


Golden Crystals
Yes, I got it, and it is beautiful

Ricky Williams