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Super Ananda Aura Spray


Super Ananda Aura Spray




Super Ananda Aura Spray for disintegrating negative thought-forms.

Experience the power of Super Ananda Spray, the ultimate aura spray based on Master Choa Kok Sui's personal recipe. With just a quick scan of the energy of the bottle, you'll feel the positive and uplifting vibrations it emanates.

This special spray has a delicious aroma that Master Choa Kok Sui himself used to create for his personal use. Now, you too can benefit from its unique blend of ingredients that can help dissolve cords, cleanse chakras, and clear away unwanted thoughts and emotions.

Super Ananda Aura Spray can be used to deeply purify the chakras and aura, as well as patch up any cracks in the aura or chakras. Spray it on yourself to disintegrate negative thought-forms, dissolve cords, and cleanse contaminated energy from your energy centers.

You can also use Super Ananda Aura Spray on crystals, jewelry, furniture, and even in your car to clear away negative energy and promote a sense of calm and positivity. It makes a great gift for anyone looking to promote their well-being and maintain positive energy in their environment.

Be sure to stay vigilant and use Super Ananda Aura Spray regularly to cut negative energy cords and prevent them from taking root in your energy centers. With its powerful blend of colored energies and healing energy, Super Ananda Aura Spray can help you maintain a strong and healthy aura, no matter where you go.


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