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Rose Oil Absolute

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Russian Rose Oil Absolute - Pranic Lifestyle

Rose Oil Absolute

$60.00 $20.00

 Rose Oil Absolute

Rose Oil  
(rosa damascena) 

Potency: mild  

Properties: Rose oil is anti-inflammatory.  

Color/s: an abundance of pink light  

Scent: rosy  

Juicy tidbits:  Pink prana has a purifying effect on the chakras and meridians. This effect is clairvoyantly observed as unclean red prana being dispersed and transmuted to pink in the chakras and meridians.  The cleansing helps increase the energy flow in the body. Roses are known as the Queen of Flowers.   


Chakra Protocol  

Upper and Middle Chakras  

Apply one drop of rose oil to each to each of the ajna, back heart, front and back solar plexus, navel, and meng mein chakras.  

 Affected Bodies  


Rose oil helps cool the physical body.  It may be beneficial for those battling cancer and diabetes.  

It numbs physical pain.  


Rose oil numbs emotional pain.  

When rose oil is used, one literally sees the world through rose colored glasses because this oil will turn the aura pink.  

Rose oil applied directly to the heart chakra and the acupuncture points for the solar plexus chakras transmutes and heals anger and resentment. Experiments with Bulgarian rose oil on these points resulted in powerful emotional transformation.   

Experiments with rose oil were performed to examine how it affects emotional healing. It cleanses the emotional body in general. When rose oil was applied to acupuncture meridians at the front and back solar plexus, the size of the solar plexus instantly shrank, the heart chakra increased.   The heart and solar plexus chakras became cleaner. Mental:  

Rose oil calms the mind.  


Rose oil increases one’s spiritual connection by opening the heart chakra.  When the heart chakra opens, the crown opens as well.  


Cosmetics: Add ten drops of olive oil to one ounce of natural cream.

Meditation: Apply one drop to back heart chakra before meditation.

Purifying: It purifies physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Financial: Apply one drop between the thumb and forefinger, diffuse, or spray before business meetings.  This will add pink energy in your aura and help everyone to relax.

Aphrodisiac/love/romance: Use one drop on back heart chakra and wrists before romantic encounter to attract love. 

Forms of Application

Liquid/blend: Add 15 drops to one ounce of base oil.

Spray:  Add ten drops to four ounces of vodka or water.

Inhalant: Inhale to reduce stress and to help relax before meditation.

Diffuse: yes

Salt scrub: Add five drops with one pound of salt.

Bath: Add ten drops to two pounds of salt.


May stain clothing

Rose Oil Absolute - Aromatherapy - Don't Let Stress Buildup In Your System - Let The Pink Light Melt Away Stress And Anger. - Instant Stress Relief. - Quickly Fill Your Aura With Pink Energy.

Put Some Pink Prana in your Aura with Rose Oil

I like to take a clear quartz crystal or pink quartz and put a drop of rose oil on it and hold it in my receiving hand.

This will flood your chakras and aura with pink energy.
Master Choa Kok Sui used to always have a bottle of rose oil in his oil stash.

When used you will literally see the world through rose-colored glasses because the rose oil will turn your aura pink.

Rose oil helps relax and expand the heart energy center, thus helping to attract people to you. People will be attracted to all the pink prana that will be emitting from you.

The secret of all the love oils and potions is that they contain abundant amounts of pink light.

Here are a few ways to enjoy the power of rose oil.

· Dab a drop of rose oil on the solar plexus energy to instantly increase the size of the heart chakra.

· Add some pink energy to business by using rose oil before big meetings, relieves stress in a room also.

· Use for relationship healing, forgiving others, dissolves anger with pink energy.

Enhance the loving, energetic cords between you and your desired partner?

You’ll love our Rose Oil, I can tell you it’s definitely one of my favorites, so I carry it everywhere I go.

Feel the stress melt away by rubbing a few drops soothingly between my thumb and forefinger.

* Pink Light and Love makes it so you can You will feel warm and loved in a snap.

* Instant Stress Relief. allows you to Don't let stress buildup in your system - With Ease

*  Quickly fill your aura with pink energy. delivers the key to Let the pink light melt away stress and anger. ... faster and easier than ever before

*  Our Rose oil is uncut and pure makes it so you can no toxins - Fast

*  Help forgive friends and loved ones that may have hurt you. helps you to Be free from emotional pain - FAST!

Rose Oil Absolute is for every People Who Love Rose Oil who Feels the stress and cant relax.

Here's a huge problem you face right now, it's toxic aromatherapy products. But that's not the end of your problems with stress relief...

What makes this even worse is the fact that without the right tools your stress and inner peace will be fleeting.

This means you won't look your best and your self-confidence will suffer, you swim in all your stress energy.

And, worst of all, many Aromatherapy enthusiasts can't get past the idea that Even though it's not true, many people believe aromatherapy is hocus pocus foo foo stuff..

All this can make trying to with this amazing product, you will FINALLY be able to feel the bliss and inner peace. a nightmare! But luckily for you, there's now a solution!

So, if you're a People Who Love Rose Oil and who really Feels the stress and can't relax,  Rose Oil Absolute is the answer you've been looking for!

Act now to be free from emotional pain! - Order Now!

Rose Oil Absolute one of the most has a rich, intoxicating aroma that’s just as beautiful as the rose blossom itself.

Rose is one of the most delectable and valuable oils you can acquire.

Rose oil uses include topical application to create an inspiring atmosphere and elevated spiritual experiences.

Its sweet, rich aroma invokes feelings of positive self-esteem and can create an uplifted and warm feeling when inhaled.  

Rose oil uses

 Apply directly to skin to help moisturize and support the appearance of healthy, youthful-looking skin.

  • Add a few drops to your favorite body or facial cream for added moisture.
  • Diffuse in your home or bathroom for a spa-like setting and a fresh, soothing aroma.
  • Combine with jojoba oil for a relaxing, indulgent massage oil.
  • Place a few drops in your liquid soap, shampoo, and conditioner for a powerful floral scent and pink energy moisturizing properties.

 Rose Oil Absolute

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