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EO Class 10: Why You Shouldn't Heat Essential Oils

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EO Class 10: Why You Shouldn't Heat Essential Oils



Today we are going to look at diffusing as a unique and natural way to bring the benefits of essential oils into your home or workspace. There are a lot of diffusers on the market, and it can become confusing.



It's important to know that heat and candle diffusers change the properties of essential oils and render them less effective.

One of the best ways is to use cold-air diffusion that disperses the oils without heating them.

Young Living offers exceptional diffusers that disperse the oils without heating them so they retain their powerful and naturally occurring constituents. Using one of these innovative air pumps, oils are dispersed in a micro-fine vapor, allowing them to remain suspended in the air for extended periods of time. There are several styles, each with slightly different features.

Oh and guess what? A diffuser comes with the Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit. This amazing kit has all you would need to get started. See the kit and diffusers 

Coming up next, you will learn about how essential oils can help you around the house.

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Disclaimer Notice: This information is intended for educational purposes only, and is not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition.

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