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EO Class 16: Why Don't You Feel Young & Vibrant?

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EO Class 16: Why Don't You Feel Young & Vibrant?

I told you last time that Young Living has supplements. But why are those different? Well, infusing therapeutic-grade essential oils into targeted support for your total physical wellness is where the difference lies between these and other supplements.

Help You Feel Vibrant

If you've thought about antioxidant support before, you know that diet and exercise has a bit to do with it. But when it comes to aging, there is more to it. In aging, our bodies take ongoing damage from cell-wrecking free radicals that make us look and feel older. Many essential oils are rich in antioxidants—which simply compound that combat free radicals—and Young Living has truly unique formulas designed to help you feel vibrant.

Browse these items in the catalog by selecting “antioxidant support” from the product category drop-down to see the array of products to help you feel more vibrant.

Age-Based Nutrition

Different stages of life demand different nutritional support. Give your body what it needs at every age with balanced, essential oil-infused nutrition.
Browse these items in the catalog, by selecting “age-based nutrition” from the product category drop-down.

Targeted Support

No matter your specific wellness goals or the physical setbacks you experience, cutting-edge formulations of essential oils and another natural, wellness-supporting ingredients are ideal for transforming the way you feel every day. Let me help you decide what might be best to start with.

 Next time I will be sharing an INCREDIBLY versatile and useful oil that you will wonder how you ever survived without. No kidding!

I'm here to ensure you have all your questions answered. Just reply to this message or reach out to me.

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Disclaimer Notice: This information is intended for educational purposes only, and is not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition.

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