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EO Class 6: Surprisingly, It's Easy to Use Essential Oils

Posted by rocky patel on

EO Class 6: Surprisingly, It's Easy to Use Essential Oils


As I promised, today I am going to get into a bit more about how to use essential oils.

Just to be clear, anytime I say “essential oil(s)” I am referring exclusively to Young Living's Therapeutic-Grade essential oils because these are 100% pure and safe. Others may not be and may be harmful to you. 

Using essential oils in your life is actually pretty easy! There are a lot of ways you can use them, but the most common ways to bring the essence of health-promoting botanicals to your home are:



(Breathe them in)

Put a drop in your palm, cup your hands and inhale
Add a few drops to a diffuser

Topical Application


Put it on your skin either directly or diluted (depending on oil)


Dietary Consumption


(Young Living's Vitality Oils Only)
Add a drop to your glass water bottle
Put some drops in a capsule


Each oil has a unique quality and each bottle will tell you how the oil can be used, but it is no more complicated than this! However, you can get quite creative in each of those categories!

Next time you hear from me, I will discuss exactly what you can do with these awesome little bottles of joy. How would you like to know how to inspire a positive emotional state using specific essential oils?


Disclaimer Notice: This information is intended for educational purposes only, and is not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition.



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