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Aromatherapy for Improving Relationships

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Aromatherapy for Improving Relationships

Essential oils can help release emotional blockages in the heart chakra.

When these negative energies are removed, more love flows to and from you.

Rub two drops of lavender oil or two drops of rose oil on your heart energy center to help forgive past lovers who have hurt you.

Also ask for forgiveness from any romantic partner whom you have hurt.

Rose Oil, Sandalwood Oil, and Happy Oil are wonderful for love and romance.

Always affirm that you are receptive to the Divine energies in the oils before and while taking them.

They can help heal emotional blockages in the heart chakra.

While in the bath, offer a prayer and ask that all emotional blockages in your romantic love life be disintegrated.

Prepare this bath for your romantic partner. If your bath tub is sizable, you both can enjoy the mixture together.

Before entering the bath, invoke for the angels of romance and love to heal your love life and bless you with romance and love.


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