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Aromatherapy for Abundance

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Prosperity and Abundance

Oils that Enhance Prosperity  
Black pepper oil  

Lemon oil  

Nutmeg oil  

Orange oil  

Patchouli oil  

Rose oil  

Rosemary oil  

Apply one drop of one or more of these oils to the bottoms of the feet, and they will help to root the body to earth and strengthen the basic energy center.

When these oils are charged with spiritual energy and applied to one’s wallet or purse, they help to disintegrate poverty thought forms, negative thought forms about money, and tendencies of excessive spending.

 A drop of these oils helps to increase prosperity energy of the wallet or purse.

These essential oils also neutralize contamination from paper money and coins that may have rubbed off onto the wallet or purse.

Aromatherapy Applications for Prosperity

Use lemon oil and orange oil in the office in either a diffuser or spray bottle.

In the morning or at night, when no one else is in the office, use the following formula:  

Add 25 drops of lemon oil and 25 drops of orange oil to four ounces of water or alcohol and spray on carpets, in bathrooms, and in showrooms or sales offices.

Diffuse lemon oil in offices to help increase blood flow to the brains of workers in the daytime.

This use will help reduce computer operator errors.   

Diffuse peppermint oil or rosemary oil in the afternoon to help boost mental capabilities and increase energy for the rest of the day. 

Diffuse lemon oil, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus oil to neutralize airborne viruses and bacteria.

Consequently, worker absences resulting from illnesses from colds and flu will most likely be reduced.  

Use two drops of rosemary oil or patchouli oil on the hands and feet to help root the body to the earth, thus expanding the basic energy center.

The key to prosperity begins with a big heart energy center.

People with activated heart energy centers do a lot of service and tithing, which helps to attract prosperity.

One way to help to quickly expand the heart energy center is to use rose oil every day.

People will be attracted to the loving energy being emitted by you.

Personal Recipes for Prosperity

Use three drops of rose oil or jasmine oil on the wrists before business meetings to add pink energy into one’s aura.

Personal Recipes for Prosperity

The pink energy will reduce emotional friction and will create a peaceful environment.

These oils, filled with abundant pink loving energy, raise emotional levels.

Plus, if your energy seems a little rough from stress, others can feel it and may be repulsed.

One thing I notice is that when my thoughts and emotions are stressed or unclear, others are less attracted to me.  

Take a salt bath with 15 drops of lavender oil in the morning, and you will feel like you have just meditated.  

Then play the Gayatri Luksmi Mantra by Master Choa Kok Sui, this activates your basic chakra, roots you to the earth mad fill your aura with prosperity energy.

This will help clear your mind, and help attract people to you.

Take a salt shower in the morning, use a salt scrub with a tea tree and eucalyptus oil, use 5 drops of each in 1 pound of salt.

Your mental body and aura will be clear, and others will be attracted to you.

Use the three drops of rose oil or Happy Oil between your thumb and forefinger before appointments.

Then inhale some rosemary oil.

Pranic Lifestyle makes a formula used in Money Oil and Happy Spray that empowers and strengthens the user’s prosperity and abundance by cleansing and activating the basic chakra.

This action helps improve one’s finances and attracts clients.  

Without using a carrier oil, blend ten drops of lemon oil, ten drops of orange oil, and ten drops of rosemary oil.

Use one drop of this blend on the bottoms of the feet.  


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