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Cleaning your projects and business with Pranic Crystal Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui

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Cleaning your projects and business with Pranic Crystal Healing

Cleaning your projects and business is Basically doing Pranic Psychotherapy on Your Basic Chakra Cleansing with a laser crystal and disintegrater crystal.

Your business has chakras, and the basic chakra of a business or person needs to be cleansed and energized often.

Even if you work a normal job your basic chakra still needs to be cleansed of negative thoughts and worry about money.

Negative thought forms, stress , doubt can stifle the energy of a business or our personal finances.

Worry and doubt actual repel prosperity.

Negative energy cords can also be a problem.

Mental congestion is also another big problem,

A business and projects need to be energized in the inner world to help them manifest rapidly in the physical world.

I will help you to super-charge your wish and remove obstacles on your path to your goals.

The service is performed in a non-injurious and loving way to everyone involved. We will help you to manifest what you are entitled to but had difficulties to attract.

Some examples of successful materialization include getting a job, financial healing, getting pregnant, obtaining a green card, buying a dream house, selling a house, get a raise at work, making important business decisions.

I can also do energy purification in offices, houses, and companies or projects.

Many clients want to be protected with energy shielding techniques to protect against dirty energy and other people negative thought forms about you.

All I need is the website address or picture/business card of the business or project.


Thanks, Rocky Patel

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