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Crystals and Aromatherapy Love and Romance

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Crystals and Aromatherapy Love and Romance

Depending on the type of relationship, the cords connect on certain chakras.

 As we interact with people in our lives, energy cords are formed between the chakras of you and the other person.

 If it's a business relationship the cord can be on the basic chakra.

 If it's a romantic relationship the cords can form on the sex chakra, heart and crown, and other chakras.

 Normally relationships start out nice and warm, but then a misunderstanding or the other person emotionally dumps on you.

 The way it works is like this, a person gathers up and stores up all their emotions in their chakras and emotional body.

 All the anger energy is stored away and sleeping, waiting for something to trigger it.

 This is why sometimes people seem to be way angrier at a real or imagined offense.

 Once this is triggered they release it all on the other person, so basically they take all there crap and release it on on person and blame that person for making them mad.

 Sometimes people with a lot of anger get into groups with others that have the same issue, then they look for people and situations to direct that anger towards.

 Pranic Psychotherapy can be used to help heal your relationships with a loved one, a relationship that needs help, business relationships.

 Preventative Relationship Healing is where I use a crystal and disintegrator crystal and cut any negative cords and cleanse and heal the cords between you and the other person. Also, any anger or negative thoughts between you get disintegrated.

 The sensuous oils of jasmine oil, rose oil, sandalwood oil, and ylang ylang oil provide a very deep romantic experience. These oils contain copious amounts of pink and violet energies. They can help heal emotional blockages in the heart energy center. While in the bath, offer a prayer, and ask that all emotional blockages in your romantic love life be disintegrated.

 Prepare this bath for your romantic partner. If your bathtub is sizable, you both can enjoy the mixture together. Before entering the bath, invoke for the angels of romance and love to heal your love life and bless you with romance and love.

 Personal Aromatherapy Recipes for Romance

 Use two drops of Bulgarian rose oil on the heart energy center to automatically increase its size.

 Daub two drops of rose oil on the fleshy area between thumb and index finger to help relieve stress and to increase the size of the heart energy center.

 Rub two drops of lavender oil or two drops of rose oil on heart energy center to help forgive past lovers who have hurt you, and you can also ask for forgiveness from any romantic partner whom you have hurt.

 Add 30 drops of lavender oil, five drops of rose oil, five drops of jasmine oil, and five drops of sandalwood oil into four ounces of pure water or vodka, and spray this mixture onto linen and in the bedroom for a romantic experience.

 Use three drops of jasmine oil or lavender oil on your wrists before and during romantic encounters to relax and stimulate yourself and your partner.

 The following recipes can be added to one ounce of base oil, or for the spray to four ounces of vodka, or for romance and love, baths add to two pounds or one kilogram of salt.



 Use three drops of each of the following: sandalwood oil, rose oil, jasmine oil, Neroli oil, lavender oil, ylang-ylang oil, white lotus oil, and five drops of Bliss Oil.


Cupid’s Arrow Recipe

Use four drops of rose oil, two drops of lemongrass oil, three drops of jasmine oil, one drop of patchouli oil, two drops of bergamot oil, two drops of orange oil, and five drops of lavender oil.

 Happy Spray is also another awesome way to help bless relationships and have more love in your life


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