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Pranic Aromatherapy for Traveling

Posted by rocky patel on

Aromatherapy for Traveling
Here is my list of aromatherapy products for travel:
Ananda Spray in two ounce bottles
 Neroli oil
I use the Ananda Spray during airport layovers or when I
arrive at my destination to disintegrate negative
connections. I spray on the basic, perineum, and front
and back solar plexus energy centers because one can
pick up negative connections anywhere.
When sitting on the airplane, I use one drop of Ananda oil
or rose oil on the ajna energy center, solar plexus energy
center, and between the thumb and forefinger.
I have used rose oil countless times when flying, and
when the flight attendants walk by me they instantly stop,
inhale, and comment on the good scent.
When I get to my destination, I use one drop of
chamomile oil between my thumb and forefinger to help
me unwind from my travels.
I always take a shower using five drops of lavender oil on
my hands and rubbing them directly onto my torso, legs,
and feet, then quickly rinsing it off.
If I have access to a bath tub, I always take a bath with at
least ten drops of lavender oil in the water. I don’t always
have salt with me, so I can use just the oil.
If I’m traveling in the winter time, I use a few drops of Protection oil on  the bottoms of
my feet.

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