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Forgive Oil


Forgive Oil


Forgive Oil

Do you have anger towards your lover, or past lovers, business partners, parents, and friends?

The Forgive Blend contains blue chamomile, rose oil, and other essential oils which give it strong blue, violet, and pink energies that quickly help dissolve repressed hatred, resentment, and anger.

I formulated this super-powerful blend of pure essential oils that helps people let go and forgive, and release anger towards those who have hurt you.

The Forgive Blend should be used right after events that cause feelings of stress, and anger, because these energies eventually turn into un-forgiveness, clogging up the chakras, which may cause health issues.

After applying the oil, the traumatic event seems distant. This is the effect of the pink and blue prana smothering and dissolving the dirty red energy of anger.

When the Forgive Blend is used often it helps release un-forgiveness and anger or that you may have been carrying around your entire life.

Use 3 drops of this blend between the thumb and forefinger, on the front and back solar plexus chakras, in the navel, and on the back heart chakra.


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