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Jasmine Oil Absolute no


Jasmine Oil Absolute no


Jasmine Oil Absolute comes in .08 oz size and 1/4 oz size bottles.


Jasmine contains lots of pink and golden light. It is a very powerful oil that cleans and energizes the emotional body. It is also a renowned aphrodisiac. 

Use a drop on the heart chakra and crown.

Put a drop in your hands, then inhale the scent, allowing the energy of Jasmine to go deeply into your chakras and body.

Jasmine Oil Absolute

(jasminum officinale)

Potency: mild  

Properties: Jasmine oil is a mild antibacterial. It has more of a male energy.  

Color/s: green, pink, and golden  

Scent: masculine  

Juicy tidbits:  Jasmine is known as the King of Flowers.   Jasmine oil is used during child birth in India.  It is rubbed on the mother’s belly, and is the first scent the newborn inhales. It is also mentioned throughout the Kama Sutra manual as a reputed aphrodisiac.   


Chakra Protocol  

Upper and Middle Chakras  

Apply one drop of jasmine oil to each of the crown, forehead, ajna, throat, back heart, front and back solar plexus chakras.  


Affected Bodies  


Jasmine oil rejuvenates the skin, and helps diminish wrinkles.  


Jasmine oil is an antidepressant.  It purifies the emotions, soothes anger, and promotes forgiveness.  


Jasmine oil relaxes the mind and improves clarity of thought.


Jasmine oil purifies the spiritual body.


Cosmetics: Add ten drops to one ounce of natural cream.

Meditation: Inhale before meditation, or use on crown chakra before meditation.

Purifying: It purifies physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Financial: Jasmine oil can be used in office or business to promote happiness.

Aphrodisiac/love/romance: Jasmine oil can be used before romantic encounters to help attract potential lovers.

Forms of Application

Liquid/blend: Add 18 drops to one ounce of base oil.

Spray: Add 20 drops to four ounces of vodka or water.

Inhalant: Inhale before meditation.

Diffuse: yes

Salt scrub:  Add ten drops to two pounds of salt.



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