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MCKS Special Personal Stash Oil

MCKS Special Personal Stash Oil

MCKS Special Personal Stash Oil


MCKS Special Personal Stash Oil

 .08 oz size 


I have some flower essence oil that Master Choa Kok Sui physically blessed.

This oil can be used in baths, and sprays, and on the chakras, the cleansing and energizing effect is massive.

 This oil can be used to deeply purify the energy centers and energy information field.

Also, use one drop in a big bottle of oil to truncate, and extend the blessings. 

I got to learn a lot about essential oil and Pranic Aromatherapy from Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

He always traveled with a small pouch of essential oils, that he supercharged with lots of prana. 

Once while in Palm Springs in 2006 we were experimenting with olive oil that was supercharged and he put a drop of oil into the large bottle of olive oil, Grand Master Choa then had me apply the oil and rub it on top of my head.

I instantly felt the warm purifying effects of the blessings.

Grand Master Choa said, "Now Your Head Is Clear".

One the same trip, Grand Master Choa and I were chilling, talking about aromatherapy, and he said his Teachers had the inner teaching of aromatherapy and herbs, and he asked me if I wanted to receive the inner teachings of aromatherapy, I said, "Yes".

When I used to travel the world going to Grand Master Choa's events, he would always visit my table and bless all my oil and products, so I became known as the guy who has blessed stuff.


With love and blessings,

Rocky Patel



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