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Sandalwood oil- Australian


Sandalwood oil- Australian


Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil 

Master Choa Kok Sui once said to use a few drops of sandalwood with salt and water while doing Twin Hearts Meditation.

This pulls out contamination from the body. it also has super flushing out effect of dirty energy.


Sandalwood has been used for meditation and spiritual purposes for thousands of years by the aborigine medicine men of Australia, sages and yogis of India.


Modern research shows that Sandalwood oil helps oxygenate the area around the pineal gland.

It's revered as an oil that can increase spirituality because the blue pearl can become activated when smelling Sandalwood oil.

Use in spray and on hands for disintegrating negative or contaminated energy.

Use 3 drops in the salt bath for a deep spiritual cleansing effect.

Sandalwood is good for its dirty prana cleansing effect.

It is also is very calming.

Sandalwood contains more than 90% of beneficial chemicals. These powerfull chemicals called are called sesquiterpenes.

Sandalwood contains lots of green, pink, and golden energy, can be used on bottom of the feet and on the heart chakra and crown.


It helps expand the heart energy centers and is a reputed love oil. sandalwood is referenced many times in The Kama Sutra manual.

 Sandalwood oil - Australian

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