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Alleviating Kundalini Syndrome

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Kundalini Syndrome or Over-Heating of the Body

The body has too much red energy.

The meng mein is over activated, and the back solar plexus may be congested.

Essential Oils with lots of blue and violet energy should be applied to help alleviate this condition.

Anti-kundalini syndrome oils: blue chamomile oil or wild chamomile oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, sage oil, ylang ylang oil, rose oil.

Have the body massaged with jojoba oil with pure lavender oil- in four ounces or 120 ml jojoba or base oil with 30 drops of lavender oil.

Apply three drops of blue chamomile or wild chamomile into the navel, two drops of lavender on the meng mein energy center. and one drop of rose oil on the front solar plexus energy center.

Salt Scrubs and Baths for Soothing Kundalini Syndrome

Salt scrub: two pounds of salt with 20 drops of lavender oil, 15 drops of blue chamomile oil or wild chamomile oil, five drops of peppermint oil, and five drops of sage oil.

Apply this mixture on the front and back solar plexus, feet and legs, meng mein, and back heart energy center.

See this video on Alleviating Kundalini Syndrome.

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