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Protocol To Bless Essential oils

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How To Bless Essential Oils

Essential oils and crystals naturally vibrate at a very high frequency. 

Blessed essential oils and crystals are those that are infused with certain kinds of energies such as spiritual energy, healing energy, prosperity energy, love and bliss energy, and divine protective energy.

When blessed oils or crystals are applied to the physical body, they help to rapidly raise its energetic vibration to a very high state. 

When blessed oils are applied to the energy centers, they quickly clean and activate. 

The blessing significantly magnifies the effect of the natural properties present in the oils and crystal.

Blessed oils and crystals can be used to intensify the purifying effect of the bath. 

When consecrated oils are added to salt baths, feeling the energy reveals that the water and salt also become highly charged. 

Energetically sensing also demonstrates that certain oils, when inhaled, positively affect the major and minor energy centers. 

One oil, when inhaled, might simultaneously activate the basic and the sex energy centers. Certain oils, such as rose oil, activate the heart energy center.  


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