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Diamonds have a hardening effect on the aura

Posted by rocky patel on

Diamonds have a hardening effect on the aura
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Master Choa Kok Sui used to tell us the energetic effects of diamonds.

He actually wore a diamond ring on each hand.

Diamonds have a hardening effect on the aura of people who were them, this is great for protection, but can also make the persons will power and energy harder.

Using certain stones along with diamonds can have a softening accent.

Having a diamond that is with wrong shape energetically drill a hole energetically in your finger thus making your aura weaker.

Gemstones also absorb stress and anger from the people wearing them, so if you don’t energetically clean and keep clean daily the energy of your diamonds, gemstones, and crystals your body can be absorbing the dirty energy from the gemstone.

Purify your own aura and chakras, and homes of negative emotions, and raise your energetic vibration.

The tricky thing is that most people don't spend enough time on clearing their energy, so they let the anger and stress accumulate in their cells, chakras and organs.

These stagnant energies impact you and they can block you in your relationships, finances and career. In fact, if you learn how to quickly clear your past emotional baggage and daily stress, it's actually going to save you time and energy and open up channels of abundance in your life.


Thanks, Rocky Patel

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