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Pranic Lifestyle Book

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Pranic Lifestyle Book

Pranic Lifestyle Gives You the Power to Learn How to Easily Bless Essential Oils and Crystals with Divine Healing Energy, Prosperity, and Love for Healers, Meditators, Massage Therapists and Energy Practitioners. 
• Alleviate suffering, lack, illness, and manifestation blocks by leveraging powerful aromatherapy and crystal healing techniques.. 
• Reveals ancient, previously esoteric methods to imbue energetic properties and colored energies of crystals and essential oils.
• Activate energy centers to improve love life, attract money, ingrain prosperity, enhance health. 
• Feel your anger dissolve, fear dissipate, and regrets disappear. Clear negative space. 
Are you a healer, meditator, massage therapist or energy practitioner? 
You’ll love how this go-to experts guide for beginners and experienced alike unearths the facts that allow you to fully leverage the power of aromatic essential oils and crystals.  
Beyond the fact that this full detail guide gives you everything you need to know about energetic properties, colored energies, and perfecting aromatic compounds and crystals to imbue life change, you’ll get all of Rocky’s most powerful tips, tricks and recipes for success.  
Because the previously esoteric, ancient wisdom you’ll discover the moment you open the page is sure to help you understand how aromatherapy can aid you to… 
Alleviate suffering with healing properties, and powerful scents—and their dynamic combinations. 
The Secret to forming your own, empowered aromatherapy sprays, essential oils, sprays, soaps, lotions, salt scrubs, and even baths (Rocky’s Most Coveted Aromatherapy Recipe’s and techniques Included!). 
Special techniques to prepare for deep meditation and "Flying in the Inner World.  
Which predominate colors of energy are contained in each individual essential oil, and why it matters. 
What you must do to attract love to you, and heal from past emotional ailments. 
How to instantly activate or inhibit energy centers with uniquely powerful, aromatic concoctions 
Why you need to bless the essential oils (and the surest way to know you’ve done it right, the first time). 
How to leverage the power of energy colored essential oils to improve your relationships, wealth, abundance, finances, prosperity, spiritual connections and even health. 
The best way to infuse The Divine Healing Energy into each oil to experience an abundant flood of energy, prosperity and love. 
The simple secret to dissolving fear, and even failure to forgive on the spot with essential oils. 
Which must-have aromatherapy oils help the best healers’ and massage therapists speed healing times, and minimize practitioner contamination—even protect yourself from flying energies. 
Why essential oils help with stress reduction, plus help you unwind from your pent up negative energies. 
How to get healthy and leave behind physical ailments by using aromatherapy and crystals for assisting those with cancer, high blood pressure, hypertension and more.. 
Purify your own energy information field, centers and spaces of negative emotions, and raise your energetic vibration.  
Plus the Clairvoyance secret: the proper blend to cleanse and improve clarity for your energy body 
Bonus: Get Rocky’s best personal recipes for Love, Purification, Prosperity, Anti-Aging, Beauty and much more... 
ATTENTION: This resource manual is intended for energy healers, meditators, and massage therapists, who want to be more effective, and who want to learn about essential oils and crystals.  
This resource will also be of interest to the curious reader who wonders about crystals essential oils.  

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