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Quartz Crystals Before They Are Laser Crystals

Posted by rocky patel on

Designer Gold Laser Crystals

Imagine healing with an 11 inch long laser crystal?

Feel the power of a crystal that is 3 inches thick..

I am making some very special laser crystals with gold, and we can select the right raw stone to make an awesome gold laser crystal.

See a video of some of the raw stones we are making fantastic laser crystals from


We can make to your exact specifications. 

We can make the crystal so the energy is very fast moving, or more solid like a wall of energy pushing out.

You can decide if you want normal 1.5 inch long solid 24k gold, or if you want longer 2 inch gold that is 5mm thick.

The more gold, the more powerful the crystal becomes.

Text or call me at 816-916-1823
or reply to this message if interested in making the ultimate custom crystal. 

See more here
Thanks, Rocky

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  • Namaste Rocky how much does it cost your crystal gold if I send to you a long row crystal ? In other hand I tell you I make a special prana generators with gold in order to clean crystal very fast 2 seg after the healing

    Carlos palicio on

  • Namaste Rocky, how much it cost gold láser if I send to you raw láser ? In other hand I made special prana generators with gold in order to clean crystal and give prana at your escences

    Carlos Palicio on

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