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Wesak Full Moon Purification

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Wesak Full Moon Purification


During the Wesak Full Moon many people’s emotional bodies can become agitated, as dormant or repressed energies surface.

Doing a bath with 1 pound of instant coffee and 2 pounds of salt is great for a deep purifying effect.

Purification is very important to remove these blockages before and after the Wesak so the energies can flow very smoothly.

I just wanted to share a super deep purification technique we just re-experienced. After we mixed it up we washed our hands off and could feel a tingling sensation, and the hands felt energetically clean, i then knew this mixture was very important.

This is a very potent and easy way to purify the energy centers and energy channels.

In a big metal bowl or bucket mix the following- which is enough to do several full body applications.

Take 5 pounds of fine salt, or sea salt, add 1 pound of instant coffee, mix thoroughly, then mix in 5 drops eucalyptus oil, and 5 drops tea tree oil. For those who have a higher tolerance for Eucalyptus and tea tree, you can try 10 drops of each.

For those who are sensitive to the caffeine in coffee, you may want to use decaffeinated, especially if the body has high blood pressure, or using this mixture before bedtime.

Use this as a scrub, use on the hands, arms and arm pits, on the throat energy center, heart energy center, solar plexus, navel, perineum, legs and feet,  let the mixture sit on the skin for about a minute then rinse off.

You will feel stringy, smoke like energies being extracted from the pores and energy centers of my body, and after getting out you will fell super clean and light.

Try this for the next few days, and especially before and after the Wesak.

After the Wesak people’s emotional bodies can be releasing emotions also, and this coffee/salt mixture can help.

Also having your chakras cleaned with a disintegrater crystal and laser crystal also helps pull dirty energy and negative emotions out of the chakras.

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With love and blessings,
Rocky Patel

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