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Feel and See the Energy Of Energized or Charged Essential Oils.

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Feel and See the Energy Of Energized or Charged Essential Oils.

Essential oils naturally vibrate at a very high frequency.

Blessed essential oils are those that are infused with certain kinds of energies such as spiritual energy, healing energy, prosperity energy, love and bliss energy, and divine protective energy.

When blessed oils are applied to the physical body, they help to rapidly raise its energetic vibration to a very high state.  When blessed oils are applied to the energy centers, they quickly clean and activate.

The blessing significantly magnifies the effect of the natural properties present in the oils and intensifies the purifying effect of the bath.  When consecrated oils are added to salt baths, feeling the energy reveals that the water and salt also become highly charged.

Energetically sensing also demonstrates that certain oils, when inhaled, positively affect the major and minor energy centers.  One oil, when inhaled, might simultaneously activate the basic and the sex energy centers. Certain oils, such as rose oil, activate the heart energy center.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the author of Hidden Messages in Water, has researched and demonstrated that water crystals can become infused with different types of energies.

He has shown that water crystals are influenced by the various energies with which they come into contact.  Essential oils, like water, are influenced by and retain energies.

Since oils and water hold energy anyway, imagine the power of actively infusing them with blessed energy.  Because essential oils are crystalline in nature, on a molecular level they contain minute crystals that give them the ability to hold a massive amount of energy.

When these oils are prayed over and blessed, a tremendous energetic transformation takes place. They become very, very powerful.

The energetic properties of the tiny crystals can be observed to become super bright and glow like little suns or stars in the inner world.  When oils are blessed or consecrated, the charge may be held for a surprisingly long time through the crystals or crystalline structures found inside the essential oils.

Therefore, when blessed, the oil becomes a point of contact. This means that when the oil is used on the body, the recipient is instantly put into direct contact with the spiritual energies and blessings flowing from the higher realms.

The blessings in the oils help to purify contamination and blockages out of the energy centers, and clean and purify the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Of course, the degree of spiritual advancement of the one energizing the oil greatly affects the power of the blessings. Essential oil blessed by an individual not on a spiritual path may have an energy information field with a radius of several feet to many meters.  If the local preacher or holy man blesses oil, it will have even more potency.

Oils that are blessed by great yogis produce an energy information field with a radius of hundreds, even thousands of feet.  When blessed oils are used on the energy centers, feeling shows that they increase significantly in size and in some cases, they even double or quadruple in size.

When the energy is used up, sensing reveals that the energy center returns to its normal size.  Continued use can sustain or increase the energy center size.   

A larger energy center can radiate more energy.

Spiritual leaders of all civilizations have known that certain plants could elevate the subtle energies of the user.  Essential oils vibrate at a very high frequency, helping to raise the vibration of the human body.   

The energetic properties help to disintegrate negative, repressed, and blocked energies in the energy centers and the energy information field of the user.  These liquid crystals hold and store a considerable amount of energy and information.

In the blessing and praying over oil, they become impregnated with divine energy. The oil, when properly blessed, has the ability to bring down tremendous spiritual light to the users.

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