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What exactly are blessed, or consecrated oils?

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What exactly are blessed, or consecrated oils?

The essential oil molecules are crystalline in nature. This explains why they can hold and transmit powerful blessings.

The colored energies and chemicals inside essential oils give them powerful healing properties.

Essential oils naturally vibrate at a very high frequency. Blessed or consecrated essential oils are those that are infused with certain kinds of energies such as spiritual energy, healing energy, prosperity energy, love bliss energy, and divine protective energy.

When blessed oils are applied to the physical body, they help to rapidly raise its energetic vibration to a very high state.

When blessed oils are applied to the energy centers, they quickly cleanse and expand the energy center.

The blessing significantly magnifies the effect of the natural properties present in the oils and intensifies the purifying effect of the bath.

When consecrated oils are added to salt baths, if you scan or feel the energy of the water, it will reveal that the water and salt has become impregnated with the Divine Energy contained with the essential oil.

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