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Essential oils are crystalline in nature

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Essential oils are crystalline in nature
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Essential oils are crystalline in nature

Because essential oils are crystalline in nature, on a molecular level they contain minute crystals that give them the ability to hold a massive amount of energy.

Scanning or Feeling the energy demonstrates that certain oils, when inhaled, can positively affect the major and minor energy centers. The same effect is felt when holding consecrated crystals.

The energetic properties of the tiny crystals can be observed to become super bright and glow like little suns or stars in the inner world.

When blessed, the oil becomes a point of contact. This means that when the oil is used on the body, the recipient is instantly put into direct contact with the spiritual energies and blessings flowing from the higher realms.

The degree of spiritual advancement of the one energizing the oil greatly affects the power of the blessings.

Essential oil blessed by an individual not on a spiritual path may have an energy information field with a radius of several feet to many meters.

When blessed oils are used on the chakras, scanning the energy shows that they increase significantly in size and in some cases, they even double or quadruple in size.

The oil, when properly blessed, has the ability to bring down tremendous spiritual light to the users.

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