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Essential Oils that Enhance Meditation

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Essential Oils that Enhance Meditation
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Essential Oils that Enhance Meditation


Aromatherapy can be a potent tool to deepen and enhance the meditation experience.

Throughout history, spiritual adepts have used plant oils to help raise their vibrations and help them prepare for their spiritual practices.


Essential oils and crystals help the purify the chakras and decontaminate.


Also purify rampant thought forms in the aura, as it can sometimes be a battle to quiet the mind to experience stillness.


The energy centers and energy information field expand greatly after using these techniques.


Oils that Enhance Meditation


Sandalwood oil can be inhaled, or apply one drop to the ajna and chest.

Four drops of spikenard oil can be applied to each foot to help you fly in the inner world.


One drop of lavender oil can be applied to each of the following: front and

back solar plexus, ajna, and meng mein.

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