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Healthy Blood Pressure

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Healthy Blood Pressure
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Healthy Blood Pressure

Stress energy in the solar plexus energy center can back up and make the meng mein energy center and back heart energy center oversized and congested. This condition can eventually cause hypertension or high blood pressure. 

Keeping the solar plexus energy center clean is important in helping to maintain healthful blood pressure. 

Have a Pranic Crystal Healing session doing once a week.

Anger and resentment can also clog up the solar plexus energy center; the dirty red energy can clog up the solar plexus, meng mein, and heart energy centers.

Play the Om Shanti Audio by Master Choa Kok Sui everyday in your home. 

Using oils that have lots of blue, pink or violet energy affects the meng mein energy center, helping to regulate and cleanse it. 

This effect can help maintain healthful blood pressure. 

I like to hold a pink quartz crystal ball when stressed.

Oils with copious pink energy help to shrink the solar plexus at the same time as they expand the heart energy center.

Pink energy also helps to transmute anger and negative emotions, which clog up the energy centers.

Personal Recipe for Healthy Blood Pressure

Add 20 drops of lavender oil, five drops of chamomile oil, and five drops of rose oil to one pound of salt.

Use this salt scrub on the front and back solar plexus energy center daily to help reduce the amount of stress energy stored there and to help keep it from accumulating.  

Do 5 minutes of Pranic Breathing daily.

Use three drops of rose oil and three drops of chamomile oil on the back heart, solar plexus, meng mein energy centers, and in the navel to help with maintaining healthful blood pressure.  

Do The Meditation On Twin Hearts with Psychological Healing every day.

In addition, for a salt bath using two pounds of salt, add ten drops of lavender oil, ten drops of chamomile oil, and three drops of rose oil to reduce blood pressure.


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