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How to Energetically Clean and Maintain Your Crystals

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How to Energetically Clean and Maintain Your Crystals

How to Energetically Clean and Maintain Your Crystals

I can’t stress the importance of cleaning and maintaining crystals since we’re using them to absorb negative energy all the time.

They need to be cleansed and re-energized after every healing session as much as possible.

I have been using essential oils to help keep our crystals clean and help minimize contamination for many years.

You can tell a big difference when using oils on crystals: the crystals become very shiny and vibrant.

I usually cleanse my crystal under running water after spraying and use lavender with salt to gently scrub the crystal, this process quickly carries away the contamination.

I started cleansing my laser crystals after helping Master Choa Kok Sui clean his healing crystal several times.

Once he did a mass healing on the entire class of 250 people using his gold rod laser crystal, and then handed it to me and asked me to clean it.

I was rinsing the crystal in the sink and rubbing it with fine salt, and when Master asked me if I thought it was clean, I said no.

Master Choa then took the crystal in his hand and projected a powerful current through the crystal, then handed it back to me and said- "How is it now?”.

The crystal was super cleansed and energized.

Use a salt mixture of 30 drops of lavender oil with one pound of salt. Be sure to cleanse and energize the salt and oil.

Have a bowl or container of this

mixture near your sink.

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