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Rose Quartz emits pink energy.

Posted by rocky patel on

Rose Quartz emits pink energy.

Rose Quartz emits pink energy.
Pink is the energy of love.

A simple way to use rose quartz is by using a pendant that hangs in the middle of the chest.

This will help open the heart chakra helping you radiate more love to the world.
Rose Quartz helps attract people to you because you radiate so much love.

Be sure to clean the crystal daily, you can do this buy gently rubbing it with salt and putting it under running water from a faucet.
You can also hold a rose quartz ball in your receiving hand.

To further cleanse and energize it use the Master Choa Kok Sui OM audio. Click here to get OM audio

You can also consecrate the crystal to greatly magnify its potency.

Learn that in the Pranic Crystal Healing Book. 

click here to see more about crystals
Thanks, Rocky Patel

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