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Happy Spray

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Happy Spray

Hello, I am Happy To announce the release of Happy Spray, and also happy oil.

Use Happy Spray for disintegrating negative thought forms.

We have been producing and using the Happy Spray for many years.

Its fragrance is gentle and powerful at the same time.

This spray can be used to deeply purify the energy centers and energy
information field. It can also help patch up the aura and chakras.

Anytime my emotional body starts to wobble I reach for the Happy Spray
to help disintegrate the negative thought forms.

Anytime I have thoughts I don’t like, or feel anger coming on I quickly spray
myself with Happy Spray.

I use it before going to bed to help unwind and decongest the solar plexus.

If someone close to you is stressed out, you can spray him or her for calming effects.

You may spray furniture, crystals, shawls, wallets, bathrooms, front doors,  animals, rooms, and offices.

Use on crystals to help cleanse contamination absorbed by the crystal. It purifies rapidly. 

Use on jewelry such as rings and pendants to help them to radiate energy.

Use Happy Spray in your home or office, to help disintegrate negative thought forms
from previous tenants. Use in rooms after arguments or stressful situations.

Spray your car seat and vehicle, cars can hold a lot of stress energy.

The healer may spray him or himself after healings to minimize contamination.
It effectively dissolves negative energy connections on anyone, including children.

Use Happy Spray to help heal relationships.
Makes a great gift.

Women-- this is a great way to disintegrate negative or unauthorized energy connections.

These connections are usually connected to the feet, legs, chest, sex and basic energy centers. Spray yourself sideways with it every day to help disintegrate negative connections.

The energy centers and aura naturally expand after cutting negative connections. Be vigilant!  If you let negative connections take root in the energy centers, they may wrap roots around the organs of the body and even branch out to other energy centers.  

So it’s a good idea to stay on top of it.

People may inadvertently connect to energy workers, depending on the kind of
the energy they need.

Many people have hundreds of energy connections and do not understand why
they feel energetically fatigued.

These negative connections contaminate the area to which they connected.

It is recommended to cut these dailies, if not several times a day.

Sometimes these negative connections take time to hack off, or they may reattach.

When using Happy Spray, you would be not only cutting fresh connections, but also the old ones.

Whenever we get stressed, we spray our solar plexus energy center. The spray quickly
decontaminates the energy centers and energy information field.

Happy Spray contains many colored energies and lots of strong, healing energy.

Spray on chairs when in public, like in movie theaters etc.

Use on the bottom of the feet. Spray on perineum and basic.

It will quickly help disintegrate negative energies in the home or office.
Helps shorten energy healing session times.


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